What they said...

Here's what previous students have said about ASCEND:


As a freshman I became more confident about myself because we met experienced leaders and heard their stories.  I was able to relate to them.  After the sessions I realized I have all the support needed to achieve my goals.

The fact that for the first time in a long time, the school's staff and professors told us all (most) of the secrets to be a successful student and how to achieve our goals in the long run.

The ASCEND sessions were effective due to the very helpful and informative sessions they had to offer.

The ASCEND sessions were very helpful because the staff made it not just a conference but also an ice breaker between first year students.

There were a lot of people having the same thoughts and questions as me, so I did not feel alone during this process.

The care the staff put into each session.  Everyone here is so caring it makes me feel as if my first year will not be as hard since there are so many resources.